The online recruitment network is an application that provides career resources and employment opportunities to the students, staffs, part time workers and all kind of job seekers. Jobs are necessary for each and every individual after he/ she finishes their education. Without any job will make a person lazy. This application will provide the information like the jobs that will be available in different fields and also different parts of the country. Through this the jobseekers can have an easy search of their jobs online. The main aim of this application is to help the job seekers and freshers to get the job.

Online Recruitment Network

People search for the opportunities by going to the offices of the organizations and asking for the vacancies. This will be time consuming, waste of money, fuel etc. You can go to the companies only when there are vacancies there. You can get to know of the vacancies in different companies through online recruitment network. The online recruitment network must be having a strong database since many job vacancies need to update from time to time. If the particular job vacancy has been expired even that also must be updated. The users of this application include the administrator, candidates and companies. The administrator will manage the candidate and company details. The candidates are the job seekers and the companies are the job providers. The modules that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Search jobs: The job seekers can search for the different categories of jobs that will be available through this application with great ease.
  • Apply for link: The job seekers can apply for the jobs by applying through the link in the website without any difficulty.
  • Career advice: This application can also provide career guidance to the job seekers through this application.

Programming Language:

  • Front End – ASP.NET
  • Back End – SQL Server

Download Source code:



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