Discussions happen whenever a new product is introduced into the market, when the meetings are over, when someone shares their ideas and so on. These are the various situations where the discussions happen. There are online discussions forums where you will be able to share the problems and if someone suggests a solution then people will discuss the matters as to whether the particular solution is correct. The online discussion board project also aims at achieving this kind of discussion related to the problem. This project allows the user to share his/her views on the matter that is discussed in the discussion forums.

Online Discussion Board

The features that it can be included in the online discussion board project are as follows:

  • Login: The people can join the discussions based on any matter only after they login to the discussion forums. This will also avoid the unknown users involving in the discussion.
  • Discussion matters: The matters related to the discussions can be based on the problem that is given.

Sometimes people will not be in the situation to find the right solution to the problem. If it is discussed through the discussion forums then there will be chances of getting new and innovative ideas so that it can add more weight age to your solution. It is through the discussion forums where it will help to know the mindset of the people that how different people think on a simple or tedious problem. The online discussion board is one of the interesting projects to work on. The project should be having a strong database. The user interface must be simple to understand. All the point of views that is shared by each one should be clearly displayed. People will be getting more benefit since they will get different ways of framing the solution to their problem.

Download Source code:

Download Project Source Code


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