Art gallery is the place where the arts or art crafts of the artists can be displayed for the visitors view. People also comment on the arts that artist’s exhibit so that there will be some scope of improvement of the arts that is displayed. But nowadays due to the busy schedule of the people, they do not have time to visit the art gallery to view the paintings of the famous artists. But what if the art gallery is present online? Yes, it is possible. The online art gallery is the application that allows the users to upload their paintings and make it available for the visitors view.

Online Art Gallery

Sometimes people will not be having the time to go to the art gallery and view the paintings. Some art galleries may not give an opportunity to display the student’s paintings in that place. So this online art gallery will provide an opportunity for those students whose paintings can be uploaded and kept for the visitors view. The artists can have their pencil sketches, glass paintings, oil paintings and many other forms of paintings to be posted in this online art gallery system. Even the people can comment on the paintings that are posted using this online art gallery system. Some of the features that it can include in this online art gallery system are:

  • Paintings to be posted: The paintings or the other forms of the paintings can be posted using this online art gallery system.
  • Comments: The people can post their comments on the particular post that they have uploaded.
  • Login id: The students or the artists can have a separate login id to post their paintings or other forms of paintings.
  • Paintings can be sold: The paintings that are posted online can be also sold using this online art gallery system.

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