As the name suggests, courier management system is an application that will help the customer in tracking the courier and also to know its status. It allows the customer to login to the application from anywhere from the world since it is web enabled. It also helps to view the customer rate chart. Once you have sent the courier, you will not be able to see the status of the courier that is sent to the destination address. Usually you will be able to know the status of the courier that only when the courier has reached the destination address. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work and implement in real time.

Courier Management System

The features that can be included in the courier management system are as follows:

  • Customer information: The details of the customers like name, address and contact number must be stored in the application for further enquiry if the courier is not reached to the destination address.
  • Order and dispatch: The details of the orders and the dispatch must be updated from time to time.
  • Real time updation: The dispatch of the orders requires a real time updation. This is very necessary in tracking the order.
  • Billing: The details of the billing that is the bill of the particular courier will also be updated in this application with great ease.
  • Login credentials: The customer will be given unique login credentials to track the order that is sent.
  • Track order: The order that is sent by the customer must be tracked through this application.
  • Reports: The reports can also be generated related to the accounts with great ease.
  • Destination address: The details of the destination to where the courier must be reached must be specified properly.

Programming language:

  • Front End: ASP.NET C#
  • Back End: SQL server

Download Courier Management System source code:

Download project code

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