Searching files in the computer is tedious task. The File Tracking System is an application that is designed for tracking the progress in each and every activity in the software development life cycle. The progress will be tracked starting from the inception to the report generation. This system is a client server based system. The application can be available to the clients and the top management easily. The details like uploading, downloading, working days etc can be tracked easily by the management without any difficulty. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work in real time world.

File Tracking System

The file tracking system application can allow the clients to view the project details with great ease through this application. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. The top level management can track all the activities of the software development life cycle. The modules that are included in the file tracking system application are as follows:

  • Login module: This module will contain the details related to the logged in users into the application and it can be managed with great ease.
  • Administrator module: This module is the module that is related to the administrator details and maintain the details with great ease.
  • Data management module: The data can be managed through this module with great ease through this module.
  • Data conversion operator module: This module is related to the data conversion matters.
  • Quality control module: The quality control of the activities in the software development life cycle can be managed with great ease through this module.
  • Server or quality analyst module: The quality can be analyzed easily through the use of this module without any difficulty.
  • Report module: The reports related to the activities that take place in the software development life cycle can be generated easily through this application.

 Download source code:

download source code

Download Project Report:

download project report

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