The purpose of Academic Alert System is to give warning that identifies at-risk students prior to enrollment, identifies those who become at-risk at various points during the critical first year, and ensures follow up with intrusive interventions by academic advising professionals and hence the need of  “Early Alert System” or “Academic Alert System”.

The mission of the alert system is to intrusively intervene with advising measures, for at-risk students, once they’ve been identified by their instructors or residence life directors; however, we strongly want to move away from any notions that these measures are instigated and carried through in early points in the semester, alone. While we encourage an expedient alert once at-risk behaviors arise, the process of alerting and advising is for the duration of a student’s enrollment in the respective college. So, an alert that arrives after midterm in a fall semester may be a very good indication that the student does not intend to return in the spring. This alert is as important as an alert that arrives three weeks into the semester. In fact, more intrusive and multiple measures will probably be needed in this instance. Likewise, while we do emphasize concentrated measures targeted at our freshman cohort, alerts for sophomores, junior, seniors, and even graduate students must be treated with equal importance and intervention. We believe that Academic Alert captures these measures far more accurately; hence this system will be deemed as a Critical System for the college.

Academic Alert System

Project modules of Academic Alert System:

  • Admin
    • Creates account for admin, Instructor and Advisor.   (One for a department)
    • View weekly alerts of all department students.
    • Search alerts based on Date, Status and department.
    • Generate monthly report of department vise alerts.
    • Generate monthly report of each student.
  • Instructor
    • View  / Edit Profile
    • Change Password.
    • Creates account  for his department students
    • Observes students behavior and submits weekly alert of disobedient students to advisors.
    • View advisors comments and View student’s action plan.
  • Advisor
    • View  / Edit Profile
    • Change Password.
    • View his department student’s weekly alerts.
    • Meets the students and counsels them. (Offline)
    • Updates the weekly alert for each student with is comments / status.
    • View student’s action plan.
  • Student
    • View / Edit profile
    • Change Password.
    • View alert submitted by his instructor and advisors comments.
    • Submits his action plan after advisor has given his comments.

Programming Language:
– Front-End: C# in ASP.NET
– Back-End: SQL Server

Screenshots of Alert management system:  

Download Source code and Project Report:

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