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Nowadays people are becoming crazier of the games mainly by playing through the computers or mobiles. Ping pong is a very famous android game that many might have played. What if there is an application to play such game? Yes it is possible through the ping pong android game application. The users can play this game on their android smart phones. There are options for choosing the number of players like one player, two players or no player. This will be one of the applications that the final year students can implement and do as a project.

The user who is playing the game will have three options in selecting the number of players. When the user selects one player, then the opponent is the computer itself. The user will be having three lives. The user needs to slide the slide bar in order to bounce the ping pong ball. If the ball gets missed then one life of the user will be lost. The game will be over when all the three lives of the user is over. The opponent will be the winner when the other user loses all his lives. The user can even pause the game at any point of time. When the user selects two players, then he needs to handle both seek bars. When no player is selected then the user is the audience and the game is auto played. There will be mainly two pages which includes main page and game with two sticks. The features that can be included in the ping pong android game application are as follows:

  • Ease to use: This application will have a simple and user friendly application and it will be very ease to use.
  • Login: The user can play the game only after logging into the website with the valid username and password.


Ping pong Android Game

Programming language: Android

Download source code:

download source code



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