Library is the place with the collection of a large number of books. Some libraries will be having a collection of millions of books. Its arrangement and maintenance of these books is also important. But it will be very difficult for the people to search for a particular book among these books which will be a tedious job. No one will be ready to search for books when there will be millions of books. Even the librarians may not be knowing the exact location of the book that a person is searching for. In this situation, the Android Wi-Fi library book locator application comes into picture.

Wi-Fi Library Book Locator Project

Libraries having a collection of small number of books can be managed easily. Here the book that a person is searching for might be known more easily than that in the libraries having huge collection of books. But if one person who reads a particular book and may he may not keep it in the same position as before. This might result in the confusion in the position of the book. It creates confusion even in libraries with small collection of books. This application will be useful to the librarians and also to the people searching for a particular book in the library. Using this application people will be able to search as to in which position the book is present. They can also see to it whether the book is present or not. People can enter the book and the authors name and can get the exact location of the book.

The features that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Ease of search: The books that are present in the particular location can be obtained with great ease.
  • Book updation: It provides the facility for the librarians to update the new books available in the library.

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