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In existing system, the user needs to call his friends and ask their current location.  Friends may tell the wrong location. But, the user will not know whether his friends telling truth or lie. We are developing friend locator application to solve this problem. By using this project, the user can find out his friend’s current location easily. Also, he can know the distance from his location to friend’s location. This android application is very user-friendly and easy to use. The user can install this application in his android mobile and find the location of his friends.

Project title: Friend Locator on Mobiles


The main features of Friend locator on mobiles application are given below:

  1. Friend locator application allows the user to view his friend’s location on Google Map.
  2. It enables the user to select a friend to know his present location.
  3. Also, it uploads user’s current location at specific frequency.
  4. This application displays the distance between his location and his friend’s location in kilometers.
  5. By using this application, the user can know his friend’s current location quickly.

Server Application

WCF (Windows communication Foundation) REST Service

REST (Representational State Transfer protocol)

Mobile Application

Android Google API

  • GPS – is used to retrieve the current location of user
  • GPRS – is used for internet connectivity between mobile and server

Software Requirements

Visual Studio 2008

Android SDK 1.5 or above

SQL Server 2000 or above

Eclipse IDE

Hardware Requirements

Android mobile with GPS and GPRS connection

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