In this document we added System Design Of College Network System. There are many matters regarding the college that need to be maintained through the online method with the help of some application. The activities, student details and many matters like this can be better managed by the applications which are capable in doing this task. The college network system application will allow the authorities of the college management to reduce the pen paper work which is a tedious job. The admission details, students and faculty’s information, feedback system performance of the students, reviews of the particular colleges, suggestions that can be given in some matters needed for improvement can all be dealt easily using the college network system application. This application will give the system design of the college network system.

The college system application is one of the interesting and useful projects that the final year students can work on. There can be separate login id and the password for the students and the higher authorities of the college. This application can also include the feedback system that can be obtained from the students and the faculties for the further improvement of the system in the colleges. The application must be having a strong back end system to store all the database of the college. This application will help in smooth running of the college management. The features that can be included in this project are as follows:

  • Student and faculty database management: The details of the students like name, subject, contact number, address and so on can be stored. The details of the faculties like name, class that he/she teaches, experience and so on.
  • Feedback system: This application can also incorporate the feedback system which is obtained from the students and the faculties.
  • Performance of students: The behavior of the students can also be uploaded in this application.
  • Suggestions: The suggestions can also be given for the improvement of the college.

System design Diagrams

  • Context Flow Diagram of College Network System

System Design Of College Network System

  • Top Level DFD of College Network System

College Network System cfd

Description of the components

Functional component 1: Student Profile

Input– Student adds profile information and education details .

Process–  System checks previous student account and education details.

Output–  Student can view education detail and profile details.

  • Level 2 DFD of College Network System

College Network System level 2 DFD


Functional component 2: Tutorials

Input–  Student uploads education articles,tutorials,images,videos ..etc.

Process–  System uploads education articles,tutorials,images,videos to database.

Output–  Student can view uploaded education articles,tutorials,images,videos ..etc..

  • Level 4 DFD of College Network System

College Network System Level 3 DFD

Functional component 3: Admin

Input– Admin can upload and share video tutorials,question papers,books..etc.

Process– System uploads education tutorials,question papers,books to database.

Output– Student can view uploaded tutorials,question papers,books..etc..

  • Level 5 DFD of College Network System

College Network System Level 4 dfd

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