Here we shared Test Cases For Forgot Password which we use in website application. While writing Forgot password test cases for forgot password page write the test cases for all the fields. There should be a combination of both positive and negative test cases. Try to cover the performance, security, and functional scenarios.

Test Cases For Forgot Password

Serial No. Condition To be Tested Test Data Expected Output Remarks
1. If field in the form is empty. Email Alert the user to enter the fields and then proceed. SUCCESSFUL
2.   If the Email id does not match. Email Alert  user  that “Email id Not match” And stay in same page. SUCCESSFUL
3. If  the Email id Matched. Email Extract  it  from  the  DB Table. Send a mail to user and Alert the user “Mail Has sent”. SUCCESSFUL
  1. To check whether when we select the forgot password link it is directing to forgot password link page.
  2. To check whether in that page it must ask for alternative email id to send the link .
  3. To check whether the link has sent to the mail to which the user has provided .
  4. To check whether the link can be used once once .
  5. To check whether when the user using the link for more than one time it should be dissolved .
  6. To check whether the user opens the link it should ask the security question same at the time he registered .
  7. To check whether the answer given by the user at that time and he has given while at the time of registering must be the same .
  8. To check whether the user gives any wrong answer then it must ask for the user to wait and to get more details to get his password .
  9. To check whether the user gives the correct answer then the link should move to new password page .
  10. To check whether the user enters the new password and retype the password both should match until new password should not be settled.
  11. To check whether once the password is setted then the account should      ask the user to move to his account or exit.
  12. To check whether the user now logins with new password it is working


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