Multilingual means many languages and here we shared Multilingual Website Presentation. The multilingual website is an application that will provide the contents in many languages. Default will be the English language and it will support other languages also. The customers and the clients can easily connect with each other with the language of their choice. The main objective of this project is to that people have knowledge of what they are trying to gain in their own regional languages. The publishers can publish the articles through this website and the viewers can read it by translating it into their own languages. It also provides the opportunity of publishing the articles in the local languages of one’s choice.


The multilingual website application includes an auto dictionary option. Some sentences can be directly translated into other languages. This will be one of the applications to increase the revenue and reach the customers with great ease. This application will allow the customers to see the prices of the products and also place the order with the same currency. This is one of the interesting applications that one can work and implement in real time world. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. The modules of the multilingual website application are as follows:

  • Account module: This module will allow the users to enter the profile details and after that they can enter the application through the username and password.
  • Dashboard module: The admin will have access to change the settings of the website through this module.
  • Content module: This module takes care of the content of the website with great ease.
  • Language module: This module will allow the users to switch between the languages with great ease.
  • Language settings module: The different languages can be added through this module and they can provide explanation about the language.

Software requirements:

  • žLanguage Used  :   PHP 5.3
  • žDatabase  :   My SQL 5.5

Download source code:

download source code


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