Students form a main part of any institution that concerns with. But the institutions find it difficult to keep details of so many students of the organization just in one stretch. It will involve a lot of pen paper work. Sometimes there will be some huge heap of files bundled up and kept together in some corner of the office. If you want any information regarding the particular student then it can be obtained by just entering the roll number or the name of the student to be searched. This student management system will make the work of storing the data in an organized way.

e-Student Admission System

The e-student admission system application will help in managing the student’s reports, results and exams will become easier with one such system. It will also help in saving time and effort. The user interface must be user friendly and easy to understand. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world. In the existing application hard copy of the admission details will be given to the college. Using this application, the user can apply to the particular college through the online mode. The modules included in the e-student admission system are as follows:

  • Home module: This module will deals with the information related to the dashboard.
  • Registration module: This module will allow the user to register to the application using the username and password with great ease.
  • Login module: After successful registration, the users can login to the application with the unique username and password.
  • Profile module: This module will allow the admin to change the profile related information.
  • Test module: This module will contain the test related information.
  • Admission module: This module will contain the admission related information of the students into the college.

This project has following main modules:

  • Home Module
  • Registration module
  • Login module
  • Profile module
  • Test module
  • Admission module

Download source code:

download source code


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