Remote Administration using Mobile

Nowadays mobile phones became more famous and they are considered as the basic necessity of a person. They are powerful communication media. By using mobile phone, a person can communicate with other persons easily. A wireless mobile phone is a very new device to all computer users. Almost all computer users are aware of wireless mobile phones. But they don’t know about the idea of being able to connect to the Internet in a similar way. Majority of the computer users are still not aware about connecting a modem into a phone to connect to the Internet remotely.

With the help of enhancements in the technologies, we can access the internet on the mobile phones. Main aim of this project is to access a remote computer using the mobile phone. By using this system, user can access the remote computer using the mobile phone from any place in the world. The user is connected to the Internet server by a service provider according to the IP address provided by him. The user can access the remote system, after establishing the connection. Then he can write, read and execute specific files on the remote computer.

Project title: Remote Administration using Mobile

The main objectives of this project are given below:

1. This application should work efficiently without any problems on all targeted devices, network support and power supply.

2. By using this application, the user should be able to administrate the access to PC from his mobile device.

3. This application should consider the limitations of mobile devices.

4. This project should enable the mobile user to maintain his PC information at his finger tips.

5. This project has data flow on the Wireless Application Protocol.

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