Obstacle Detection Robot with Ultrasonic Sensors

Obstacle Detection Robot with Ultrasonic SensorsMain aim of this project is to develop an intelligent voice operated fire extinguishing robotic vehicle.  By using RF communication, we can control this robotic vehicle wirelessly. We mounted a camera on the robotic vehicle and we can control camera’s direction through the voice commands. The proposed vehicle contains a water jet spray which can be used to spread the water. We can move this sprinkler towards the desired direction. The advent of new high-speed technology provided realization of new methods of control theory and realistic opportunity for new robot controls. The need for high performance robots and this technical improvement created more intelligent, faster and more accurate robots using new control algorithms, new robots control devices and drivers. This project explained a new economical solution of the robot control systems. We can use this robot control system for various sophisticated robotic applications.

Speech is the oldest and very convenient method of communication between the peoples. Research in speech recognition is a first step towards human-machine communication. Now, researchers are making lot of research in speech recognition due to the desire to automate the work with machine and technological curiosity to build the machines that reduce person’s manual work. Speech recognition is the method of identifying the spoken word to take the necessary actions accordingly. Microcontrollers are the controlling devices of the whole system. Obstacle detector, DC motor, wireless transceiver modules, Speech recognition module, lamp, buzzer and water jet spray are interfaced to the Microcontroller. When the user sends the voice command to the speech recognition module, the microcontroller interfaced to that module reads the voice command. By using transceiver module, it transfers the relevant data of that command wirelessly. The transceiver module on the robotic vehicle will receive that data and sends it to microcontroller which controls the lamp, motors and pump. The camera mounted on the vehicle helps you in viewing the live images on TV. Also, this vehicle will detect the obstacles on its way and it alerts the user through the buzzer.

Following are the main objectives of this project.

1. Development of speech based intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle system.

2. Detection of obstacles.

3. Live images feed back through wireless camera.

4. Night vision facility.

Project title: Obstacle Detection Robot with Ultrasonic Sensors

Project category:  Electronics Projects

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