Mobile Gadgeteer

The main objective of this project is to enable the mobile user to control his PC information at his finger tips. This project involves flow of data on the Wireless Application Protocol. By using this application, the user can easily access a PC from his mobile device. Mobile Gadgeteer application must work properly without problems on all targeted devices, power supply and network support. It must consider the limitations of mobile devices.

The Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) is the first and most mature J2ME profile. This profile is currently supported by major device manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, and RIM, and by carriers like Nextel etc. Many independent software vendors also support MIDP. Table summarizes the target devices for MIDP 2.0. MIDP is based on the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC).

Software Requirements

Operating System: Windows NT/2000 or higher

Front End: Java / Java Servlets / Java Server Pages


J2SDK 1.4.1


Hardware Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher

RAM: Minimum 1 GB RAM

Hard Disk: 60 GB HDD or more

Mouse: Optical mouse

Keyboard: 104 keys


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