Marine operations and management system

Marine operations and management system

The main aim of Marine operations and management system project is to develop a system to maintain the information about marine operations. The computerization on special tasks is necessary to streamline the information flow and activities. This will increase the efficiency. It will reduce the manual works and labour cost. The main purpose of the Marine Operations and Management System is to provide the marine operation reports and records in an electronic form using the internet. JAVA language is used to develop this project and all the record stores in database.

By using this system, we can check the jobs easily and can generate the time-consuming reports. Also we can update the status of various activities and progress of projects.

Software Requirements:
Operating System: MS WINDOWS XP/2000
Environment: Java runtime environment 1.5
Front End: Java/J2EE
Back End: Microsoft Access 2003

Hardware Requirements:
Processor: Minimum Pentium IV
RAM: 256 MB RAM or more
Hard disk: 40 GB HDD
Mouse: Optical mouse
Keyboard: Minimum 104 keys

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