Enterprise Fleet Management System


The main objective of the Enterprise Fleet Management project is to manage a fleet of vehicles easily and efficiently. We developed this project in conjunction with a group of industry representatives. Enterprise Fleet Management System provides the functionality to manage a vehicle from the time it entered into the business to the time it is disposed of. By using this system, you can make the best resource-to-shipment assignments. It is a modular based system and works very efficiently.


Nowadays, it is very important to operate our business in a timely manner. We should operate our fleets reliably and must plan for any emergencies that may arise in future. Also, packages should arrive on the scheduled time. We should be careful about the route. Because, one wrong turn can lead your cargo to reach the wrong destination. If a cargo reached wrong destination, we require so much time to send it to the correct destination. It decreases our profit. By using Fleet Management System, the user can develop optimal transportation plan to run his day-to-day operations more efficiently. Also, it provides better results. It enables you to adapt changes and events in the real time and to develop good communication with your trading partners and customers.

The two main users of this project are given below:

• Administrator – He can create different logins for the users. Also, he can add a new vehicle to this system and can enter client information, staff details, basic vehicle information, etc.

• General user: He can track the vehicles from time to time and can accept feedback from the client companies. By using this system, he can fulfil any requirement of the client companies.



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