GSM Autonomous CAR Parking System

GSM Autonomous CAR Parking system

The car parking system will detect the arrival of the car automatically and then opens the gate for the car. The image processing technique will identify the car and later the billing is done. This system uses IR and RF for the transmission of data and object detection.


This project contains 3 main modules. First module is placed in the entrance of the gate. Then we placed second module in the parking floor. Third module is placed at the billing section. When a car comes in the entrance, it is detected in the first module. By using IR, this system detects the car. Then the gate will open for the car to enter into the parking area. LCD which is placed at the entrance will show the availability of the parking place to the vehicle driver. By using LCD, driver can park his car in the available place easily. The second module is placed in the parking area. Once the car is parked in the parking area, it will recognize the car and then sends the slot number where the car is parked to the stepper motor controller, to the billing section and to the entrance.

Accordingly the stepper motor is turned to its position and captures the number plate of the car. After a car is parked in the parking area, the availability of the parking place will get updated automatically. The captured image is then processed and then it is sent to the billing section. Billing section is third module. In this module, the video image is received and the number of the car is recognized and then it is stored. By using RF receiver, slot number is also identified. Then bill for that car is prepared. Here the mobile is interfaced with the computer. By using GSM protocol, the message is transferred from the computer to the head office.

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