Computer Based PLC with Application


Controlling appliances for the personal computer (PC) is very convenient and interesting. In Computer Based PLC with Application project, we used the simple circuit along with the software to connect the PC with the Electronic circuit.

The And gate, Or gate, Not gate and the input variables are set in the system. The corresponding signal is sent to the PLC kit via parallel port. The PLC kit will receive the signal. By using switches, we can set the High or Low Inputs in the PLC kit.  PLC (Ladder Logic) Programming is used to do the control operations in the Microcontroller. The output is derived in the PLC kit. By using this output, the user can control any machine. Here, PIC16F73 Microcontroller is used.

The motor can be damaged due to some extraordinary problems like overheating, vibration etc. With the help of ladder logic program and proper sensors, we can quickly identify the problem and we can stop the motor to prevent the burning. In this project, Assembly language is used as Microcontroller language and Visual Basic is used as designing language.


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