Brake Failure Indicator for Four Wheelers


The main aim of the Brake Failure Indicator project is to identify the Brake Failure in the Four Wheeler vehicle. Nowadays, vehicle traffic is increasing everywhere. So, vehicle riders should ride their vehicles carefully. Break failure is the biggest problem for the vehicle riders. Because, it causes vehicle accidents and injures vehicle riders. We developed the break failure indicator project to solve this problem.

In this project, 89C51 or PIC16F877 Microcontroller is used to check the Brake Condition. The pressure tank is connected to the braking system. Normally, the Braking system in the four wheeler vehicle is oil type or air pressure type. We developed this project for both pressure types.

In the break failure indicator project, the pressure sensor will sense the pressure in the tank. Later, the signal received from the sensor is amplified to some voltage level. Then, this signal is sent to the ADC. The ADC converts the incoming analog voltage signal in to Digital signal and transfers the digital signal to the microcontroller.

If the pressure level is low, then the Microcontroller will activate the alarm via the driver circuit. So, the alarm sends audible signal to the Rider. In this project, the corresponding pressure range is displayed on the LCD display.


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