The main objective of this project is to develop a security system to access the devices. This security system takes the finger prints of user as the authorized identity.


In this project, the concerned person’s fingerprint will be taken. Later, the fingerprint is processed and stored. When we want to recognize the finger print, then this system takes the fingerprint of the concerned person. Later, it processes the fingerprint and compares the fingerprint taken with the pre-stored fingerprint.  By using the FINGER PRINT identification technology, this project provides a unique identity to every user.

If the fingerprint of the person is matched with pre-stored fingerprint then the information is transferred to the microcontroller using the Serial Communication. Now, the microcontroller will receive the information.  The information is displayed in the LCD display. By using some indicator, the result is indicated. When the finger print of a person is matched that person can get access to control the devices. In other words, the fingerprint provides the authentication. This project uses a microcontroller as a heart of our project. This microcontroller is interfaced with LCD. By using this LCD, the instantaneous information can be displayed.


Nowadays, the human beings are using computer to store the sensitive information. The stored information is secured up to some extent. The details of employees and students etc are few examples of stored information. Only authorized person can modify these details. We are providing a password for the PCs to protect these details. But, this method is secure up to some extent. Because there may be a chance of the authorized person can forgot the password or other users can know the password. So we should provide a simple to remember and unique identification method to protect our PCs. FINGER PRINT identification method is one such identification method.

Fingerprint Scanner is a device used for providing security to the computer. Based on unique NITGEN Fingerprint Biometric Technology, it provides accuracy, durability and superior performance. The Fingerprint Scanner is very secure and convenient device for computer security. Fingerprint Scanner can be plugged into your computer separately with your mouse. This project is useful in the places like offices, companies etc. This project is user-friendly and works very efficiently.


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