Automated Step Climber Robot

Automated Step Climber Robot

The human brain will control all activities of the human body like its motion, balance, co-ordination and reflex. It makes these activities to take place in the right co-ordination. Now we humans created many beautiful and useful creations using new technologies in science. Robot is one of such useful human creation. We developed the robot to minimize our work and to save our time. Robots will work based on our commands given to it and completes given task efficiently. Also now we are developing an electro-mechanical autonomous robotic vehicle which can run automatically on various routes and user can provide route direction to it. It is very useful for us to run a vehicle safely, by using multiple degrees of freedom it can move to various places efficiently. Also this vehicle reaches the destination place in less interval of time.

We are trying to develop a tone down prototype which controls the movement of vehicle by using the micro controller. In this project, micro controller is used to co-ordinate its motion perfectly and proposed project is inspired by the NASA’s path finder robot. We are developing a electro-mechanical autonomous robotic vehicle in this project to climb over the hurdles in front of it by using sensing circuit, which senses the obstacles and micro controller, which is used to drive the motors to make robot climb over the obstruction. Micro controller also controls the total process.

In the component section, we described about the various chips which are used to achieve this motion. We can use this robotic vehicle as a prototype for surveillance vehicle and other military vehicles which are used in detecting and destroying the mines. We can use this prototype in army field easily because this prototype is very economical and works very efficiently. In the proposed project, micro controller is used for automatic management and hardware is managed by the motors.

In this project, we placed all wheels on the ground at the initial position and by using micro controller robot will move forward until the sensor circuit senses any obstruction in climbing the hurdles. The sensor circuit has a photo transistor and IR LED. In sensor circuit, IR LED will release Infra Red radiations, photo transistor will not detect any reflected radiation if there is no obstruction and the vehicle moves forward in the right direction.

The IR radiation will be reflected back from the obstruction if any obstruction comes in front of sensor mounted in front of wheel one. The photo transistor will detect the reflected IR radiation and sends a trigger signal to the comparator which conditions the signal. The micro controller will detect the signal from the photo transistor on a programmed pin and then robot will start moving forward. On the basis of programming, micro controller will send signal to the motor driver.

The pinion is used to lift the wheel set one from the ground and rack will be driven by the motor driver. The photo transistor will find the emitted IR radiations till the IR LED moves above the obstacle. As the wheels when sensor detects no signal, then IR LED will move above obstacle, then microcontroller will initialize the motion of robot. Then second sensor will do same action what first sensor does. Once second wheel crosses the obstruction, the center of gravity moves in such a position that robot never fall down. The last wheel will move above the obstruction in the same way and the robot cross all the obstruction.