Stock Control Program

As the name suggests the stock control program deals with managing the stocks of the small scale as well as the large scale businesses. The process of maintaining the information of the stocks at one stretch is very difficult. If you want…
Implemention RPC using java

Implemention RPC using java

IMPLEMENTATION OF RPC AIM: To write a program for implementing RMI/RPC using java ALGORITHM: 1) Create a source code for AddServer, AddClient, AddServerImpl, AddServerIntf 2) Compile the source code 3) Generate the stubs and skeletons using rmic command rmicAddServerImpl 4) Start the…

Point Of Sale source code

The point of sale is an application that manages the sales and the inventory records. It helps in managing the inventories of the small scale as well as the large scale businesses. If you want the information once obtained about the inventory,…

Java programs for LAB

1. Create customer database and write query to add new customer ,update customer details, display customers and add credit points to the customer based on their purchase amount. 2. Write a program to find the palindrome of the given string using stack.…
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