Chennemane is the traditional folk game of Dakshina Kannada district. This game is played on a wooden board consisting of two parallel pits. The Chennemane Gaming Software is an application where the chennemane game is implemented. Even this game can be played in your PC where in you will be able to receive the alerts about the game scores, milestones created by the players etc. This game is played between two persons. This project will give the SRS documentation of the chennemane game. This will be one of the applications which will create more craze among the computer game lovers. This will be one of the interesting projects that one can work on and implement in real time world.

Chennemane Gaming Software

The game is played between two players. Each player will get 28 manjutti beads. The first player has to put even number of coins in the pit of the wooden board. This should be continued till he runs out of beads. If any one of the pits remains with the odd number of beads then those beads will go to the opponent and vice versa.  The winner will be the person with more number of beads at the end of the game.

Programming Language

  • Front end tool- C#.NET
  • Back end tool- SQL 2005

Modules of Chennemane Gaming Software

  • Login: The person who wants to play the game must login using the username and password. When he wishes to play the game the same username and password must be used for login purpose.
  • Player selection: The logged in player can choose the player who has logged in with the valid username and password.
  • Game selection: The players can select the mode of the game that can be either training mode or play mode.
  • Playing: This module mainly controls the game that is played by the players with great ease.
  • Score: This module will record the scores that are gained by the players.
  • Result: The result of the game will be stored through this application.
  • Alert: If there are any wrong actions that are performed by the players it will be alerted by this module.


Download Gaming Software with Source code:

Download Project Source Code

Download database:

download database

Chennemane Game System Design

Chennemane Game SRS

Chennemane Game Detailed Design


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