Fire Fighting Robot

Nowadays, we need a device like Fire Fighting Robot that can detect and extinguish a fire automatically. Because many house fires originate when there is no one in the home or when peoples slept in their home. By developing this robot, we can save the people and their property. Also we can reduce the damage caused by the fire in a home.

The main aim of the proposed project is to develop a prototype system that detect and extinguish the fire in the house automatically and to reduce the air pollution. In this project we developed a Fuzzy based Microcontroller controlled Robot. This robot will move through a model structure and it will detect the fire in the house automatically. Then it will extinguish the fire with help of a Blower.

We can use this fire fighting robot to extinguish the fire in an oil field. Fuzzy logic provides an appropriate solution to the complex task of mathematically deriving an exact model for the non-linear control system upon which conventional control techniques can be applied. We designed the fuzzy inference system to work like a PID-like controller. The program code is written in the assembly language. In this project, we are using the 8051 family Microcontroller to control the fire fighting robot. It is a famous 8-bit Microcontroller.

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