Automatic Light Dim Dip Controller

The proposed project will mainly focus on the opposite vehicle light or any light source intensity in accordance with the correct head light lighting power. With the help of Dim Dip Controller, we can control the intensity of the Head light automatically by using this Automatic Dim and Dipper System. The brightness of the head light varies with the light intensity value of the opposite vehicle. The proposed system is user-friendly, reliable, works very efficiently and accurately.



  • Comparator.
  1. LDR (light dependent resistor)
  2. Relay
  3. Lighting System. 

–          Are the major blocks of Automatic Light Dim Dip Controller System.

This system contains LDR (light dependent resistor), comparator, power supply unit, a relay and lighting system. The Light Detecting Resistor (LDR) is connected with the comparator to compare the reference voltage with the input voltage. The output voltage of LDR varies with the environmental light. When the sun light is dark, the LDR transfers the low voltage to the comparator. So output voltage of LDR will not match with the reference voltage. Then comparator will trigger a high pulse from its output pin. Then it is sent to the relay driver, to control the light brightness. The LDR output voltage will be equal to the reference voltage when the environmental light is in normal power. Then the comparator will initiates a low pulse to the relay driver circuit, so the head light of vehicle will glow normally. We can control the power to the head light by a switch in this system. This switch can be operated manually and when we switch ON this switch, we can control the brightness of head light with respect to the LDR input.

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